8th International Forum

IP and Digitalization – Perspectives and Pitfalls


We all live in a digitized environment. While early adaptors are already entering the metaverse and buying NFT (non-fungible token) artwork, others are struggling to implement this new way of doing or simply handling things in their personal and working lives. The world of intellectual property is no exception to this.

Some companies, organizations and law firms are already fully digitized and have adapted their workflows to the new possibilities. Others are still struggling to find the right tools or simply muster the courage to take the first step into the Digital Future. Whatever their point of view, there’s no question that also in the field of Intellectual Property there a challenges ahead and we have to find new concepts and solutions for staying in the game.

In this year’s international forum, we will have the chance to learn from the best practices of global players, SMEs and Patent Offices alike, and there will be ample of opportunities for discussion.

We have managed to attract top-class speakers for our event, and it is sure to be very exciting for everyone.



  • Almudena Rodriguez Pardo, Senior Business Agility Consultant and Partner at Rodriguez Pardo & Assocs,
    Innovation must eat the world!
    How to introduce innovation into the DNA of 21st century companies
    In 2011, Marc Andreessen famously claimed that “software is eating the world.” His prediction was that (very agile) software companies would disrupt traditional industries. In 2021 the new mantra is “Innovation must eat the world!” But how?
    Hear about what measures should be taken to foster the transformation of traditional companies into innovation-oriented organizations.

  • Silke Reinhold , General Manager Corporate IP, Volkswagen AG
    Transition of a car manufacturer to a mobility provider in a digitalized world
    Insights from automotive industry
    Relevant aspects of digitalization are discussed, all relating to the car manufacturer and its IP-Dept.
    One is dealing with company´s strategy, investment, change of products and services.
    A 2nd refers to the IP challenges in this regard.
    A 3rd aspect is the changing work environment, while a 4th aspect describes the digital environment in an IP-Dept. (A view to virtual worlds will be included)

  • Claudia Ritter, Head of Digital IP, BASF SE
    Digital native stumbling into chemical industry!
  • Andera Gadeib, CEO Dialego AG, Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author
    How to innvovate in turbulent times
    Perspectives on innovation from SME
    Andera is one of the first German female entrepreneurs in the digital sector. After her studies of business information systems, she started already in 1999- when the internet was still in its infancy - DIALEGO, a digital market research agency. She received several awards and was one of the first appointed members of the Young Digital Economy Board of the German ministry of economics in 2013.
  • Ulrike Till, Director IP and Frontier Technologies Division, WIPO
    How Frontier Technologies are changing the IP System
    The talk will address questions, such as: How can IP be made accessible, relatable and understandable, to make it a real business tool? How can frontier technologies be used to make IP and our IP systems more efficient and more accessible to all? And, how can IP policy help to securing that IP systems continue to foster innovation and creation?
  • Åsa Ribbe , Principal Director Operations, European Patent Office
    Perspectives from the European Patent Office (EPO)
    Åsa holds a MSc in Engineering physics from Chalmers University of Technology (SE). After 24 years’ experience as patent examiner, team manager and director in the field of ICT at the EPO, she was recently appointed to the position of Principal Director Operations, focusing in particular on the digitalization and business transformation of the EPO operational business
  • All Speaker, Audience
    Moderated by Stefanie Setz


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5. Dezember 2022

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