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UPC and the Unitary Patent

At this point in time, it is estimated that the UPC will start operations om April 1, 2023, with the so-called “sunrise period” starting already on January 1, 2023. In this period it will be possible to opt-out existing European patents from the jurisdiction of the UPC. Whether you have not yet familiarized yourself with the Unitary Patent and the UPC before, are seeking guidance on the question of whether or not to file a opt-out declaration or simply need a refresher, this webinar will bring you up to speed. Talking points include:

– The Unitary Patent (UP)
– The Unified Patent Court (UPC)
– Patent Filing Strategies in the new system
– Opt-out: Pros and cons


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30. November 2022

beginnt um 16:00
endet um 17:30
online via Zoom

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