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The Getting to Yes Concept – How to negotiate cooperatively

Jutta Portner, Trainerin, Beraterin & Coach at the Coaching Company

For the majority of Women in IP negotiating is a daily routine. Whether you’re dealing with clients, at court, or internally with superiors and our employees you want to participate in the decisions that affect you. Yet few of us are armed with the effective and powerful negotiation skills, that prevent stubborn haggling and ensure mutual problem-solving. The “Getting to Yes” – Concept presents 5 easily remembered principles that will guide you to success.


Jutta Portner, Trainerin, Beraterin & Coach at the Coaching Company

Jutta is an experienced consultant, management trainer and business coach in human resources and organizational development. She is specialized in negotiation trainingandis the author of several books about negotiation. She joined “Teaching Negotiation in the Organization” at Harvard University, Cambridge, US in 2008. Therefore, Jutta combines in her work innovative approaches with international expertise. She worked in China, Brazil, Russia, UAE, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and the US


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24. November 2021

starts at 16:00
ends at 17:30
online via Zoom

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