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Manage Change (english)

Stefanie Setz, Personal- und Organisationsberaterin bei Lilge, Setz & Partner, Aachen

How can we manage change – professionally and privately?
How do you develop the right attitude and overcome possible hurdles?
And how do you manage to make change work? 

Making continuous change of structures and people in organizations meaningful and sustainable. How can this succeed? You will gain insights into methods, concepts and instruments for active change management. Constant change and transformation are challenging, but also offer great opportunities.

Personnel and organizational consultant Stefanie Setz tells us how we can constructively deal with the topic of change in our professional and private life. There is ample of opportunities to interact with each other in the session.

Stefanie Setz has been working since 2012 as a personnel consultant, coach, systemic consultant and process facilitator with a focus on Change management at Lilge, Setz & Partner, which she co-founded. She also brings along many years of experience from her previous work in marketing & sale, and particularly in HR, where she held a managerial position in large international corporation.

She is a member of the Systemic Society (Systemische Gesellschaft, SG) and the Dachverband für Neurolinguistisches Programmieren  (DVNLP).


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28. October 2020

starts at 16:00
ends at 17:30
online via Zoom

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