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Patenting Artificial Intelligence with a focus on the field of Telecom

Margarethe Zmuda & Anuja Aiyappan, Patent Attorneys at Ericsson

Margarethe and Anuja will give a general overview about AI & Patents such as current trends at different patent offices. They will present one or two technical implementations related to AI telecom domain and talk about the different phases of patenting of an AI invention including evaluation, drafting, prosecution.

Margarethe Zmuda holds a Master of Computer Science (Dipl. Inform.) from RWTH Aachen University. She is a practicing European and German Patent Attorney at Ericsson in Germany. Prior to her role as a Patent Attorney she worked as a Patent Engineer and before joining the Patent Profession she was a Research Engineer. She has been working continuously at Ericsson GmbH since 1997.

Her technical specialisations within the scope of filling, prosecution and litigation procedures are all areas of telecommunication, particularly Mobile Networks (GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G), Multimedia, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

She regularly gives presentations and courses on patenting Computer Implemented Inventions (CII) including inventions related to Artificial Intelligence.

Anuja Aiyappan holds a Bachelor of Law with Honours in Intellectual Property Law from IIT Kharagpur and Bachelor of Technology (Information Technology) from University of Kerala. She is currently working as a Patent Attorney at Ericsson in India.

Prior to that she worked as an IP Specialist at Wipro Technologies, India. Before shifting to IP stream, she worked as a Technology Analyst at Infosys, India. She is a registered Patent Agent with the Indian Patent Office and member of the Karnataka State Bar Council.

Her areas of focus are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Blockchains, Cloud Computing and Virtualization, Quantum Computing, IoT and Software Testing.


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27. January 2021

starts at 16:00
ends at 17:30
online via Zoom

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