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women in ip e.V. promotes the networking and exchange of experiences of women who work in the field of intellectual property law.

In this conservative, technically-oriented field, the collaboration among women is still rare since there are currently not many woman with the appropriate qualifications and those who have them often do not find contact with one another. A valuable article about this topic is: “Breaking through the glass ceiling” from Intellectual Asset Management Magazine, October/November 2008, which documents the importance of the regular exchange of information. This exchange is exactly what promises enormous potential demonstrated by many positive experiences and results.

With women in ip we have created a meeting place that allows patent professionals, such as judges at the Federal Patent Court, patent examiners, as well as members of the Opposition Division and Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office, and patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law working in private pratice or in industry, as well as patent engineers, to exchange their long-term experiences at different levels and to benefit from it in many ways.

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19. Januar 2o18:
“Die Glaubwüridgkeit von Zeugen” Vernehmungstechnik, Beweisverfahren und Mock-Trial”  in München

Referentin Frau Bundesrichterin a.D. Gabriele Winkler
ganztägiges Seminar in München-Schwabing

In German language only

Application available soon


20. April 2o18:
14th  WOMEN IN IP- NATIONAL FORUM at the German Museum in Munich

“Worauf es ankommt – Innovatorinnen und Gründerinnen geben Tipps”

In the morning, guided tour through the German Museum, followed by the annual association’s meeting of women in ip e.V.

In German language only

5./6. October 2o18:

“IP Protection in a fast changing environment” with guided tours through 3D-printing facilities and a demo factory for Industry 4.0 (IoT) at the  RWTH Aachen Campus 

In English language 


Read the latest scientific article by Prof. Dr. Christian Chlupsa, speaker at the 9th Women in IP-Forum at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office: 
The Image of a Brand – An Empirical Study About Subjective Perception of Brands on the Basis of Human Senses
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Does the German Employee Inventions Act promote innovation?

An article by Kerstin Single, Festo AG & Co. KG, Director of Intellectual Property

The Employee Inventions Act has a long tradition in Germany. The foundation was laid as early as 1957 with the German Act on Employees’ Inventions (GAEI). On the other hand, due to its close connection to other legal fields in Germany – labour law, civil law and the patent and utility model law, to name but a few – there is substantial overlap.

Inventions are often equated with the term innovation in general language use, but are these really the same?

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